Stabilizer compounds for dressings

    At Palsgaard, we have been helping salad dressing manufacturers meet consumer demands for stable, creamy and fat-free dressings for decades. And we would be delighted to help you, too.

    Working closely with you, we can create new or improved recipes for both fat-containing and fat-free dressings, based on our wide range of emulsifier and stabilizer systems. Using our fully equipped application center, we can test and refine new product ideas and prepare them for full-scale production.

    Dressings containing fat

    Dressings normally contain up to 40% fat, requiring an emulsifier/stabilizer solution. The stabilizers bind the water in the dressing and keep the spices and herbs in a stable suspension. The emulsifier creates and ensures emulsion stability. Other demands include short texture and pourability, as dressings are often available bottled.

    Palsgaard stabilizer or emulsifier/stabilizer solutions provide:

    • Excellent emulsion stability
    • Good pourability
    • Short texture
    • Homogenous and stable suspension of spices and herbs in the dressing
    • Improved mouth-feel
    • An all-vegetable-based dressing if required

    For dressings containing fat we recommend Palsgaard® 5245, a blend of starch and gums, or Palsgaard® 5232, which is based on gums.

    Dressing w salad bowlFat-free dressings

    Dressings without fat require stabilizers only for stabilizing the water and for homogenously suspending the spices and herbs. The edible quality of fat-free dressings will depend very much on other ingredients in the dressing and salad, placing very specific demands on the dressing:

    • Very short texture
    • Adherence to the salad
    • Desired viscosity
    • Good pourability
    • Transparency as required

    By choosing a Palsgaard stabilizer solution for fat-free dressings you will achieve:

    • Excellent texture and creamy mouth-feel
    • Increased adherence to the salad
    • Complete transparency if desired
    • Easy pouring

    For fat-free dressings we recommend Palsgaard® 5301 or Palsgaard® 5232, based on gums.

    Try our recipe suggestions for dressings

    Should you like to know more about our stabilizer solutions for dressings and perhaps try out some of our recipe suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact our local office in Shanghai to order samples, recipe instructions and product information.

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