Stabilizer compounds for salad mayonnnaise

    Chicken, tuna, prawn or vegetable salads containing salad mayonnaise need to appeal to consumers throughout the product's shelf-life. And in the eating experience. Presentation and stability are, therefore, key words in purchasing and repeat purchasing decisions.

    Salad mayonnaise must meet some very specific demands:

    • Ability to adhere to the salad ingredients
    • Resistance to the mixing process
    • High water absorption capacity

    • Good mouth-feel

    At Palsgaard, we have been helping salad mayonnaise producers to meet these demands for more than 50 years. Working closely together with you, our technical experts can help you to find exactly the right combination of stabilizers and emulsifiers to produce a creamy, stable salad mayonnaise with no water separation.

    We can help you to create salad mayonnaise products with:

    • Constant viscosity in the salad 
      Shrimp Salad Reduced Shadow
    • Reduced fat content
    • Improved adherence to salad ingredients
    • Excellent water absorption capacity
    • Extended shelf-life
    • An all-vegetable content if desired
    • A texture similar to traditional mayonnaise

    To achieve these effects, we recommend Palsgaard® 5228, a blend of starch, gums and gelatine, and Palsgaard® 5248, a blend of starches and gums.

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