Emulsifiers for processed meat

    Emulsifiers make it possible for meat product manufacturers to improve product quality while significantly reducing production costs in both hot and cold processed meat emulsions.

    Palsgaard offers a range of emulsifiers for meat products such as sausages and pâtés. These emulsifiers are used alone or in combination to create a stable emulsion. 

    Hot processed meat emulsions

    Palsgaard has developed and tested a series of mono-diglycerides and distilled mono-diglycerides which offer numerous benefits in hot processed meat emulsions, such as liver patées and liver sausages.

    Benefits of our solutions include:

    • Excellent dispersibility in the meat batter, processed under hot conditions
    • Smoother texture to spreadable patées and sausages
    • A stable emulsion with minimum fat and water separation during storage
    • No off flavours or smell
    • Cost reductions in final recipes

    Cold processed meat emulsions

    In cold processed meat emulsions such as frankfurters, wieners, hotdog sausages, bolognas and mortadella types emulsifiers like citric acid esters offer numerous benefits such as:

    • Excellent dispersibility in the meat batter, processed under cold conditions
    • Stable emulsions in products with both high and low fat content
    • Reduction of purge and cooking loss
    • High-quality produced sausages
    • An optimized cost profile for sausages
    • Flexibility in raw material selection

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