Lower-fat ice cream

    Reduce saturated fats without losing your quality

    The difficult task of reducing fat

    Need to reduce saturated fats in your ice cream? Or change away from them entirely? But don’t want to lose your carefully built up quality? Then you’ve come to the right place.

    The world has declared war on high saturated fat products – a key feature of the smooth, creamy ice creams loved by consumers of all ages. Traditionally, coconut- and palm kernel oils have been used for the production of ice cream. These oils have a high content of saturated fat. In fact, coconut contains 92% and palm kernel more than 80% saturated fats.

    But it is exactly this type of fat that lends a uniform, stabilising structure to an indulgent ice cream experience. Reduce the level of saturated fat and the fat component of the product becomes softer. And this makes it more challenging to produce ice cream with a good structure and the desired eating quality, without making adjustments to the rest of the ingredients, such as the emulsifier and stabilizer systems used.

    We've got what it takes

    Palsgaard helps manufacturers to keep their milk solids and sugar content as close as possible to existing levels to maintain flavour and cost setup, only compensating for the functionality lost as saturated fats are reduced.

    It’s a complex problem that demands special emulsifiers, know-how and experience of many different production parameters. Our emulsifier and stabilizer portfolio, combined with industrial-quality ice cream application centers, offer a compelling alternative that can reduce saturated fats without compromising stability, taste or mouth-feel.

    We would be pleased to assist  you in selecting the right mono- and diglyceride system for your requirements, whether it's for a new product or for reformulating an existing product to answer new demands. 

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