Emulsifiers for standard frying margarines

    Standard frying margarines usually contain 70-80% fat and the water phases contain water, salt and often milk and whey derivatives.

    How would you like your frying margarine?

    You may be looking to develop a trans fat-free margarine. Or a product that's lower on both fat and costs without compromising frying properties. Or perhaps you just want to switch from a lecithin to a non-lecithin formulation. Whatever your need, Palsgaard offers a wide range of emulsifiers and emulsifier/lecithin combinations that can help you to get there.

    The exact emulsifier combination you need

    For frying margarines with good anti-splattering effects, we recommend Palsgaard® 3245 or Palsgaard® 3237, combinations of mono-diglycerides, lecithin and citric acid esters, or Palsgaard® 0184 which is based on mono-diglycerides and sunflower lecithin. For non-lecithin solutions we recommend Palsgaard® CITREM 3203, based on citric acid esters that help you create a stable emulsion and a margarine with excellent frying properties.

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    Try our recipes for standard frying margarine

    With almost a century's experience of helping manufacturers make frying margarine that won't spatter, Palsgaard has an extensive library of recipes for standard frying margarine - and we gladly share them with you.

    These recipes are often used as starting points for a partnership with new customers, and are then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities. All recipes are free from trans-fatty acids.

    For advice on how to tailor the recipes to fit your needs, and to order samples of our emulsifiers for standard frying margarine, please contact our office in Shanghai.

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