Emulsifiers for all-purpose margarine

    All-purpose margarine can be used for most household requirements: baking, frying and spreading. It is normally packed in paper/foil or in a tub.

    An all-purpose margarine must:

    • have good frying properties (a browning effect and foam formation)
    • produce a pleasant smell during frying
    • have good spreadability and flavour release
    • create good volume in cakes and creams

    Given this margarine's wide variety of uses, both the emulsifier and the raw materials face tough challenges. In fact, the emulsifier must be able to create a stable emulsion while simultaneously generating all the attributes usually demanded of dedicated margarines!

    All -purpose -margarineTo achieve this, we often suggest a combination of emulsifiers such as Palsgaard® Citrem 3203, Palsgaard® 0184 and Palsgaard® 3237and Palsgaard® 3245. Our experts help to determine the required combination, and offer advice on how to adjust production processes to produce the all-purpose margarine you're looking for.

    Try our recipe suggestions for all-purpose margarine

    We gladly share our most popular recipes for all-purpose margarine so that you can try them out. These recipes are often used as a starting point for a partnership with new customers, and are then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities. All recipes are free from trans-fatty acids.

    To get the recipes and advice on how to adapt the recipe to fit your needs and order samples of our emulsifiers for all-purpose margarine, please contact our office in Shanghai.

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