Emulsifiers for butter blends and fat-reduced butter blends

    Butter blends are margarines that mix milk fat with vegetable fats and oils. They're usually packed in tubs or paper/foil and are used mainly for spreading and frying.

    Versatile ingredients

    Consumers use butter blends for various household applications, so it's important to achieve qualities such as:

    • stable emulsion
    • spreadability at 5°C or at room temperature
    • good frying performance
    • good volume in cakes and creams

    To achieve this, we often suggest a combination of emulsifiers, such as Palsgaard® CITREM 3203, Palsgaard® 3237 and Palsgaard® 3245.

    Our technical teams will help you to determine the right combination, and offers advice on how to adjust production processes to produce the butter blends you'd like.

    Fat-reduced butter blendsBun -w -spread

    You can ask us to help create butter blends with a fat content as low as 40%, while maintaining qualities such as:

    • stable emulsion
    • spreadability at 5°C or at room temperature
    • hood mouth-feel and flavour release

    Our application centers provide everything you need to create great new recipes, including the knowhow to achieve the right emulsion with the desired viscosity, using a combination of Palsgaard® DMG 0295 or Palsgaard® DMG 0298 and Palsgaard® PGPR 4175. And we help you optimize the entire production process from creating a stable emulsion, to crystallizing the emulsion and even packaging the final product.

    Try our recipe suggestions for butter blends

    We gladly share our most popular recipes for butter blends so that you can try them out. These recipes are often used as a starting point for a partnership with new customers, and are then adjusted to fit your local sensory preferences, raw materials and production facilities. 

    To get the recipes and advice on how to adapt the recipe to fit your needs and order samples of our emulsifiers for butter blends, please contact our office in Shanghai.

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