Welcome to our 2016 CSR report

    2016 was a year of steady progress on the sustainability front for Palsgaard.

    As the inventor of the modern, vegetable-based emulsifier, and a foundation-owned enterprise with a long history of social responsibility, we have continually expanded our pioneering agenda to help lead the way in COemission reductions, sustainable palm oil production and more.

    Palsgaard’s sustainability agenda has always focused on maximising the benefits of our activities for the world, while minimising the impact of our necessarily energy-intensive production. We continue to support the UN Global Compact and, more recently, we considered our food technology capabilities in light of the organisation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    Thanks to focused efforts and investments, we became the first and only company of our kind to offer a full range of RSPO SG-certified products. The year also put us on track for several of our 2020 targets, with a reduction in work-related accidents and successful CO2-neutrality at Palsgaard Mexico. We also increased investments in our polymers business, supporting food safety and potentially helping to reduce global food wastage.

    By streamlining plants and production flows, CO2 emission per kg of finished product remained the same, despite increased production volumes. Total energy consumption fell 5%, creating a net win. Waste water increased, a temporary effect due to insufficient cooling capacity for re-using technical water, and actions are underway to meet this challenge.


    We are a constantly growing company, which challenges energy use and other sustainability targets. We also need to recruit and train many new employees, and bring new production facilities, product types and capabilities on line.

    Despite such challenges, we continue to plan and introduce new activities to achieve CO2-neutrality at all production facilities by 2020. We will also continue to identify greener fuel alternatives and more sustainable sources of electricity, and refine waste-handling, water usage and waste emissions.

    Palsgaard remains a dedicated partner to our customers, innovating to bring them sustainable advantages and supporting the wider community wherever possible.

    Kind regards,

    Birger Brix   Jakob Thøisen
    Group CEO, Schou Foundation  

    CEO, Palsgaard A/S



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